My Love for Home and Carvings

Hello! I am Shawn Murray and I have been so glamoured with wooden furniture and sculptures eversince. My passion with wood works has lead me into learning the craft itself. So, as of today I have taken a step forward and started a business in wood carvings and I am surely happy with my new chosen field.

When I venture into something I throw myself into it, so this is probably the main reason why I am taking my home renovation business into the next level which is adding the wood carving service. I hope by collaborating both services, this will bolster my business more and will soon find its niche.

What is this Blog All About?

This site is not just about wood carvings. As I have mentioned earlier, I am mainly into home renovation service and that includes plumbing, electrical, carpentry and a lot more! I am absolutely excited by the fact that I am offering a new service which is wood carvings.

I hope I can share with you my expertise not only in home renovation but of course in wood carvings as well. I know there are many people out there who are also fond of carvings and making something great out of a piece of wood.

So, stick around and enjoy reading!