Common HVAC Problems for Washington DC Residents

There is nothing scarier than having your central air conditioning unit stop working during a heat wave in your Washington DC home.  Scarier still is having to wait so long before a technician is able to come out to help you.  But if you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty, and know your way around electricity, then you could sort it out yourself within a few hours.  The key is knowing what to look for and figuring out how to rectify it without doing too much damage.


There are always common problems experienced by homeowners and their HVAC systems, so with these tips, you should be able to sort it out yourself.  Let’s have a look at some of these problems and how to fix them yourself.

  • Check the Furnace

furnace-inspection-and-tune-upMost of the time the problem is the furnace acting up.  Start by setting your thermostat to a lower temperature setting and switching your thermostat to A/C mode.  When the furnace fan starts to work, then you know that the furnace isn’t the problem.  But, if it doesn’t run, try resetting the circuit breaker for the furnace at the home’s main switch.  If it still isn’t working after all of that, you might need to consider calling in a professional to come take a look.

  • Check the Quick Fixes

air-conditioner-repairOccasionally there are just a few minor tweaks needed for when your HVAC unit isn’t working properly.  Check for a few of these common problems before calling in a technician, but before you do any of that; make sure that you turn the electrical supply off!

If there isn’t any cool air flowing out of the unit, make sure that all of the registers in the house are open.  Usually something that simple can make a big difference.  Then, check if the filter on your furnace doesn’t need a good clean – take this outside though because it can be messy.

 If that doesn’t help then you need to consider calling in a professional to help out, like the ones from  They live and service the entire Metro DC area.

Are you in need of HVAC services? Watch this video from Angie’s List to avoid scams.