How To Get Rid Of Grease Blocking Drain In Hollywood FL

plumber hollywood flYou will realize how important having a clear kitchen sink is as soon as it is blocked! A grease clogged drain not only wreaks havoc on your pipes, but it acts as the perfect trap for food particles and excess debris. That collection of old food, grease and debris builds up, leaving you with the awful smell of rotting food! You don’t have to call out a plumber just yet though, there are ways that you can unclog your blocked drain using things you find in your pantry. While it is better to try prevent a clogged drain by making sure that you don’t pour grease down into the sink, it is a common plumbing problem. When caught early enough, all you would need to do is pour a few jugs of boiling water down the drain to soften and unclog the grease build-up.

But every so often, a grease clogged drain needs a bit more work. When this happens, reach for half a cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar. Start by pouring the baking soda down the drain, and then follow with the cup of vinegar. Once you’ve done this, go and have a cup of coffee and wait an hour while this combination does all the work for you. Follow this by pouring a kettle full of boiling water down the drain too, this simple combination should do the trick for you! If you need something with a bit more kick, add a cup of salt water and baking soda into the drain, and chase that mixture with a kettle of boiling water. This usually helps the grease dissolve immediately and will unclog your kitchen drain and in turn, solving your blocked plumbing woes.

I hope that you learned how to get rid of grease blocking drain in Hollywood FL. Also read this article that features other ways to deal with grease in your drains. And if you need professional help, just call Plumbers 911 Florida at 305-699-3368 (Miami-Dade County FL), 954-866-7699 (Broward County FL), 561-475-1164 (Palm Beach County FL) to schedule a service!

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How To Choose The Best Drain Cleaning Service In Miami FL

drain-cleaning-service-in-Miami-FLThere are a few things that go through your mind when you realize that you have a blocked drain.  Freaking out is one of those things, but the other thought is to find a professional immediately.  This is an option, but often we are too quick to solve the problem, that we become hasty with our decision.  When a blocked drain becomes more than your DIY skills can deal with, it is important to call in the professionals.  But, before you find just anyone, it’s important to look at a few vital points before making a decision.  Let’s have a look at what you should ask:

  • Ask for the Free Quote

Making sure that you don’t break the bank with repairs is almost as important as the repair itself.  Use the “free quote” option that companies offer and ask them for an estimate before the work starts.  Most can even give this estimate telephonically, so you won’t even have to worry about the call out fee.

  • Ask for References

Trusting a stranger with your property isn’t for the feint hearted.  Reputable companies are often more than happy to provide you with a list of references or testimonials from happy customers.  If not, turn to the Internet and Google some companies in Google Business Places.  You’ll find everything on a specific company here, so you’ll get a good idea of who you’re dealing with as well.


  • Check out their Equipment

plumbing-tools-and-equipmentOnce you’ve decided on a repair service, it doesn’t hurt to check out their equipment.  A plumber’s service can only be as good as the equipment that he uses and it’s important that their equipment is up to scratch.  Have a look at what they’re working with, that way you can decide on a plumber who will be able to clean your drain with little to no disruption in your house.

Remember that the internet is your friend when searching for a professional to come to your aid.  We can’t always fix plumbing issues and things like cleaning out a blocked drain shouldn’t become a drawn out process either.  Make sure that whoever you choose is reputable, responsible and professional, just like the experts at Plumbers 911 Miami.

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